Garden Stones††††† † ††††† Family Memorials† † ††††† †††† Pet Memorials

Garden Stones Family Memorials Pet Memorials

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Entrance Stones Corporate Markers One of A Kinds

Are you looking for something unique in a sign or stone marker?
One that's different, original, eye-catching, memorable?
Do you want your memories of your loved ones to last a lifetime?

If you can describe it in words, show us a photo, or provide us with an original design concept, artist Jim Brown will make what you envision come to life.

Each sign or stone marker we create is as individual as you are. No two are the same.
And a perfectly placed image or photograph can be included on any of them, as a finishing touch.
The result will be as individual as you are, and as lovely as your memories.

Whether itís a welcome sign for your property, business, city or region, or a stepping stone or pet memorial for your garden or newly landscaped perimeter, Stone deSigns approaches every project with a personal touch, client consultation, and commitment to providing a lasting, unique, and memorable piece that you won't see anywhere else. Guaranteed.

So, make a statement. Create a moment. Place memories to see for all time. The end result will always be stunning and unforgettable.


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